A short selection of links to kick off this inaugural edition of Bootstrapping IO. Every week we’ll bring you a handful of links that are actually relevant to getting your product business off the ground.

No VCs, no spectacular exits, no nonsense hype, just useful content for people making businesses the new old-fashioned way: one customer at a time.

This week, as we’re still just within reach of New Year, here’s a few 2013 reviews from the owners of successful product businesses.

Kalzumeus Software: Year in Review 2013

Patrick McKenzie (@patio11), has been successfully building his product business for a number of years. While the figures for his new(ish) Appointment Reminder product are not included in this round up, it’s still good to see this one man product army share so much information.

5 Years of SaaS Growth: Every Month, Exact Numbers

Amy Hoy (@amyhoy) has been preaching the gospel of geting yourself a ‘bacon biz’ ever since she started Freckle. It seems to be her life’s mission to help people do the same. Here she breaks down her entire growth history. A treasure trove of steady growth data to a sustaining business!

Nathan Barry: 2013 Review

In the last two years Natahn Barry (@nathanbarry) has gone from wage slave to self-publisher extraordinaire, with three book lauches in 2013. Here’s how his income stacked up.

Bootstrapped.fm forums

Posted by Andrey Butov (@andrey_butov) one of the hosts of the splendid bootstrapped.fm podcast. Here are a few posters checking in with their mini-reviews of 2013.

LetterBoxed 2013 Review

A beautiful summary of the year’s films from this bootstrapped, film-based social network. No revenue figures, just inspirational design from a little company funded entirely by its users.

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