Two stories of poor health kick off this week’s Bootstrapping IO, but don’t worry (SPOILER!) there are happy endings!

Another couple of ‘looking back’ posts round out our missive this week. After this no more ‘year in review posts’, I promise, it’s getting to the end of January and no doubt we’ve all broken our resolutions already!

Your Sideproject as Insurance Policy

Last year Rachel Andrew (@rachelandrew) went for a run and “got back home five days later”. Her (pretty serious) injury would have been disastrous when working in client services, did little damage to their product business Perch.

We hope Rachel’s typing arm is back in action soon.

Lesson Learned

Another story of a founder with sudden (and pretty catastrophic) ongoing health issues. Garrett Dimon (@garrettdimon) has been struggling with his health, for months, since his recovery from a minor operation went badly, but his product business hasn’t suffered in the way that he feared.

We can only wish Garrett well in his continued recovery.

How Risky is Freelancing

Brennan Dunn (@brennandunn), talks about something lots of us who have taken ‘the plunge’, know. That freelancing is often less risky than simply having a job. As many of us freelance while trying to get our more ‘product-y’ stuff off the ground, this is good reminder that employment isn’t necessarily a more secure environment in which to bootstrap.

3,111 email addresses and $15k

A story of good email list growth & sales success from Sean Fioritto (@sfioritto) for an ebook on using CSS as your ‘sketching tool’. He talks tactics on early promotion and list growth and how he slightly messed up his launch. Lots to take away from here.

Tito in 2013

I’m looking into ticketing solutions for an upcoming event and stumbled into tito. This blog post by founder Paul Campbell @paulca shows them having decent traction but not yet supporting themselves, hopefully 2014 will be the year.

As a bootstrapped company, with a great product, I’ll be using them for any of my future events.

Lessons Learned

Sneaking into this issue, rather than last week because it’s only just escaped from my Instapaper backlog. Some interesting real life experimentation from Kickoff Labs @kickofflabs. During 2013 they tested (two!) price increases, some lifecycle emails and experiments on free trials.

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