How to Make Time for Your Side Project

The mysterious Startup Clarity blog talks about making compromises to get room to make progress on your side projects.

Making Time for Side Projects

Rachel Andrew (@rachelandrew) ships an article with almost exactly the same title. Her advice is about scheduling and prioritising, advice I certainly need to hear over and over again. She’s on a tear as far as writing content about her bootstrapping experiences.

Get Help

Garrett (@garrettdimon) talks through getting over his ‘fear’ of using outside help to grow his micro-business, using contractors on a retainer.

Value is Created by Doing

A plea for focus, from Sam Altman (@sama). One of the reasons I’m doing this newsletter is to force me to focus my reading on useful content that is not only good for me, but that (hopefully) is useful to others.

Lessons Learned Starting Two Software Products

Matt (@sdmattg) & Joelle (@joellesteiniger) are attempting to build two SaaS products. They really get into the mistakes they’ve made, good stuff, even admitting that perhaps two products might have been biting off a bit too much out of the gate.

Freedom Build & Introducing the Freedom Build

An interesting challenge between two consultants Josh Wayne (@joshwayne) & Brian Burkett (@brianburkett) to build my freedom into their work lives using products. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

They’re already posting… Choosing an audience and Scratching the Itch.



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