This week I’ve focussed on focus. From finding the time to do something for yourself, to concentrating on where you’re already making a difference to using products that let you make more time or the stuff that makes your business unique.

The End of 37signals…

I’m not going to turn this into a ‘news’ letter but when the creators of Rails and one of the companies who most bootstrappers look up to do something big, it’s worth taking notice.

Don’t End the Week with Nothing

Patrick McKenzie, (@patio11) spins off an idea from his excellent AMA where he declared:

“I have worked 70 hours this week for a giant megacorp. As of this instant, none of that work matters.”

He’s worked that thought up into an inspirational (monster) essay. Terrific stuff.

Real Competitors

I’m not gonna spoil this short thought by Joshua Porter (@bokardo) but suffice to say its a great reminder to really prove that the things we’re building are better than the tools people are already using.

Why Startups Should Choose B2B

Alex MacCaw (@maccaw) has worked for Stripe and Twitter (so knows his stuff)and is now founding It seems at this stage he’s bootstrapping this effort and has good advice for product people.

The SaaS Behind our SaaS

A vast list of products, from the guys at @kickofflabs, many of which I’d also personally endorse. The steer is is showing how you can use a few dollars a month to make your own time go further and let you concentrate on the things that make your product unique.



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