This week: on listening to advice, the initial hard ramp of a SaaS product, iOS pricing & consulting.

Modesty & Hubris

A great reminder, from Seth Godin (@thisissethsblog), of something that I believe about starting any sort of company.

Why I Turned Down $5 Million in VC Funding

A great measured piece by Alex Turnbull (@alexmturnbull). He’s not ruling out future VC investment, in fact he took a large ‘angel’ round to get GrooveHQ off the ground after bootstrapping for a while, but the arguments for saying ‘no’ to funding he makes in this piece really ring true for me.

The Road to SaaS Revenue is Painfully Slow

Matt Goldman, (@SDMattG), explains the difficulties of trying to make a SaaS product your ‘first thing’.

If you’re attempting to make a living selling your product in the iOS App Store, Dan (@dancounsell) from RealMac software has some salient advice on pricing your apps.

What I Learned in my First Month Being a Contract iOS Developer

A surprise firing catapulted Brandon (@brandontreb) into independence.



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