This week we look at strategies to aquire customers (you know the people who give you money to feed your children) and also ways to stop them leaving!

Slides: The Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optimization

Try and ignore the some of the more VC-ish spin, and the fact that slides are only ever half a story. There are some great first steps and loads of ways to get (and optimise the process of getting) customers. The ‘in 90 seconds’ section, slides 27-41 is pretty good.

From Sean Johnson (@intentionally), a Professor of Marketing at Northwestern Universty.

Ask HN: What’d you do to get your first 100 users?

A page from Hacker News, the font of all shrill discussion of ‘growth-focussed’ startups. There’s some useful stuff in here though, hard won information on how lots of companies got themselves off the ground.

Evolution of a Landing Page

Some great tips taken from Sean’s (@sfioritto) trip to BaconBizConf, dismantling his landing page from Amy Hoy, Patrick McKenzie, Nathan Barry, Brennan Dunn and Marc-André Cournoyer.

Understanding Cancelations

Garrett Dimon (@garrettdimon) goes into great detail about trying to get feedback from customers during their cancellation process.

Reducing Customer Churn Within Account Deletion

Allan Branch (@allanbranch) also covers similar ground, but with a focus on preventing the cancelation from happening!



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