From this week’s email you’ll be able to tell that authors of Ebooks love to put dollar figures in their article headlines. You might also learn some stuff about what it takes to build and audience and launch a book. Also required: a lot of writing!

Understanding the Self-publishing Business

I’m actually in New Zealand visiting Derek Sivers (@sivers) at the moment and he’s been sharing the production process of his eBooks on doing business in Asia, Wood Egg.

16k earned, 1000 copies sold

Josh Earl (@josh_earl) wrote a book about Sublime Text (this editor’s text editor of choice) and here he shares his tactics and his takeaways from the process of launching.

Selling digital products with Shopify, FetchApp and Stripe

Rachel Andrew (@rachelandrew) shares on the technology stack she’s using to sell her book (with a particular focus on doing so from the UK).

How I got $12k in book preorders in a month

Here my buddy Jon (@yongfook) shares the marketing tactics he used to crowd fund his book on Publishizer (a Kickstarter for books). He also includes some things he wishes he’d done.

He should know how, his book is about marketing your products/startup…

My children’s book on technology raised 100k within 24 hours - here’s how

Linda Liukas, (@lindaliukas), recently had a (mega) successful Kickstarter for her children’s book on the programming language Ruby. Her advice is good for all sort of projects not just books on Kickstarter!

A subject close to my heart as a developer and recent father of twins… and as someone who’s helped Linda put on one of her Rails Girls education events when I lived in Singapore.

Should You Launch More Than Once? I’ve got $58,332 as Evidence

Nathan Barry (@nathanbarry) talks through his new strategy of a pre-launch to a selected portion of his audience, followed by feedback and product improvement and then a full launch. As always Nathan is open with his figures and strategies.



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