A more philosophical look at bootstrapping this week. We examine how bootstrapping is different to VC-backed ‘startuping’ and what it means for you to make something.

Scenes From an Internet

Cameron Koczon (@fictivecameron) writes on The Pastry Box about the demonisation of VC… and points out that there’s no need to. They’re just aiming at something different from us bootstrappers.

Measuring #BalancedLife

Jonathan Irwin (@jonathanirwin) reminds us that knowing why you’re doing something is the most important thing.

You’re Either Venture-Backed or a Lifestyle business: The Big Lie

Fantastic piece by Hunter Walk (@hunterwalk) about the quiet majority of entrepreneurs being bootstrapped. A fascinating article being that Hunter is a VC himself!

Don’t Benchmark Your Success Against Outliers

At some point I’m going to have to just stop including an article from Rachel (@rachelandrew) every week. However as long as her writing keeps being of this quality… I don’t really have a choice.

Starting Somewhere Else

Adii (@adii) discusses some ways you might think to describe what it is you’re doing. My favourites? Build a product & help someone else: two things I’m personally trying to do this year.



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