A few articles on staying on the positive mental side of ‘trying to make something’.

I’m still trying to gather these weekly links into a rough theme, is there anything you like to see more or less of in the weekly bulletin? Or should I abandon ‘theming’ all togehter?

How to defeat Burnout

Putting yourself under pressure to launch a side project, or long hours burning the candle at both ends can lead to the dreaded burnout.

Trust me: VC-startup + twins = been there.

Brennan (@brennandunn) lets us in on his techniques for alleviating the stress we put ourselves under.

Motivational Triggers

Even when some things are going well, if can be tough to keep going. Brian Casel (@casjam) shares his tactics for keeping in the groove.

He also released a companion article to help squash stress triggers.

Faking The Dream

Adii (@adii) has been very public with his struggles with his startupping after Woo Themes. Here he makes it clear he’s as ‘at sea as we all are.

Startups: Stress & Depression

Spencer Fry (@spencerfry) gets into the serious topic of dealing with the massive stress pendulum that is starting a business.

I don’t necessarily agree that you need a co-founder, but you certainly need someone (or -two or -three) who have your back and can pick you up.



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