We’ve had a run of more psychological pieces over the past few weeks, back to tactics next week, but for now here’s some great though-provoking material.

And just because I like Flight of the Conchords… it’s business time.

10 Reasons Why I Self-Funded My Startup and So Should You

A polemic from my friend Yongfook (@yongfook), some great stuff in here that formalises a lot of what I think about bootstrapping.

I’m not quite as anti-early-stage-VC as Jon is, but I welcome his instinctive wariness. I believe if you know that’s the game you want to play, feel free but know what you’re doing and I’m not playing anymore.

In Praise of Unsexy Businesses

Rob, @robmay, reminds us (from way back in 2012) not to be afraid to be a little unsexy.

Perfectionism or procrastination? Reframing the Minimum Viable Product

People always forget that the key word in the Lean Startup’s ‘Minimum Viable Product’ is viable. Rachel hasn’t (@rachelandrew).

A simple way to validate your startup idea

Justin, @mijustin, has a great (and very simple) test for your “great idea” (TM).

So You Think You Want to Open a Brewery…

Colin McDonnell of Hen House Brewing clues us into what it takes to run a brewery. There’s a lot of lessons in here for us software people.



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