Getting going is hard.

But just start. Then keep doing it. It really is that simple.

Creating & Maintaining Momentum

A great email from @garrettdimon to people on his ebook list. The trick is not just the launching, but the ‘long road’.

How Bidsketch Leverages App Integrations to Drive Growth

A great takeaway from an interview with @earthlingworks by @JoelleSteiniger about how integrations with third party drive the growth of his business.

Playing a mind game. On distance running and product launches

“The thing about running is that by the time you get to the start line, there is little you can do about the time it will take you to finish the race.”

A lesson we can apply to our own work, from the prolific @rachelandrew.

Stop Starting. Start Growing

Avoiding “Shiny object syndrome” with @casjam


Well go on then. @paddydonnelly wants you to know it’s just a case of making that first step.



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