Most of this week’s selection focus on a subject close to my heart. Email.

I wrote a book on HTML Email last year, which is just out in a lovely ‘real’ book and well worth your cash. :-)

However, one link, just below is off-topic, but incredibly worth your time.

What I Would Do If I Ran Tarsnap

Bootstrapping hero @patio11 lays out his fantasy business plan for a business-critical service that he uses that he feels is leaving huge amounts of money on the table.

A fascinating read. So much actionable advice in here.

And now back to email.

A Tiny Hack For your Email List

A lovely little not-scalable task from @adii that applies a little elbow grease to make your email list more effective.

Email Patterns for Web Apps

Ignore the fact this is in “the growth hacker’s cookbook” on Medium.

There’s a lot of good email ideas from @aytekintank in here.

How A Single Email Made Customers 350% More Likely To Convert

GrooveHQ’s @alexmturnbull details trying out techniques to improve sign ups, by the non-intuative step of increasing support email.

3 Lessons Learned From Testing Hundreds Of Onboarding Emails

A double dose of @alexmturnbull as he details the important changes and customisations they made to their ‘onboarding’ emails.

Troubleshooting email delivery issues

Email deliverability is a huge deal. Here is some technical tips and tricks from @postmarkapp to ensure your important messages are getting where they need to go.

I like to use a provider like MailChimp (including Mandrill) or Sendgrid to ‘outsource’ having to worry about the technical details of this stuff. And I try to make sure that all my emails are useful. Hope you agree!



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