We’re going to get into the design and marketing side of things this week.

Time to Wow! is the key to success

Gail Goodman, the founder and CEO of Constant Contact introduced @BostonVC to the concept of ‘time to wow’.

Basically how quickly can you make your new user feel awesome? The article is a little ‘management consultant-y’ but there’s good stuff within.

What Makes A Great SaaS Homepage?

Some great examples of the homepages of great SaaS companies that sell their products really well, from @clemnt.

We listened to the people, not the problem

It’s very easy when building a nascent product to listen too intently to what your early users are telling you they want.

@joellesteiniger lets us in on some of the design making process on HookFeed.

The Two Ways of Building

As Product Design Director at Facebook, @joulee knows a thing or two about design.

Here she compares different strategies of attacking a product, both micro and macro approaches.

What do you need to make a successful web app?

And finally a sobering reminder from @thomasfuchs that all of this obsessing with design and building is actually a distraction from what you need to do to launch a product.



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