Some early and not so early tales (with numbers) of SaaS businesses and some good learning when a Kickstarter didn’t go well.

Making SummaList: 1 Week & $125 MRR Later

Love that @adii is sharing his uncertain process in product creation after his huge success at WooThemes, even when the early numbers are ‘small’.

From Idea to $5000 a Month in 5 Months

The CEO of baremetrics, @shpigford, gave a well-received presentation at MicroConf a couple of weeks back. This is the more digestible (written!) version.

These are the slides from the presentation.

Don’t forget that baremetric’s demo uses their own metrics, how’s that for dogfooding?

Introducing the Public Buffer Revenue Dashboard: Our Real-Time Numbers for Monthly Revenue, Paying Customers and More

I’m a massive fan of Buffer’s open approach to business (if not their product necessarily, long story) so when @joelgascoigne found out about Baremetric’s dashboard demo (see above) Buffer did the same.

Lessons Learned Growing our Startup to $50,000 in Monthly Revenue

Groove have been systematically reporting on their continued growth, with a weekly blog post. In the months since they started blogging, their MRR has gone from $35k to $50k.

A great post with some collected learning from @alexmturnbull, on what writing has forced them to focus on: mostly stuff they should have been doing anyway.

3 things my failed Kickstarter taught me

And the story of an ebook Kickstarter that didn’t make it. The book is being resurrected though.



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