As a designer/developer I’m a terrible writer. Not in the sense of not being able to write coherently but in the sense of working out what I should be writing about. My sporadic personal blog is testament to that!

Here’s a group of articles that encompass using original writing to generate traffic for your products.

Content Marketing for bootstrappers - what should you write about?

Given her goal is to help bootstrappers with useful articles and how many I’ve featured you’ll be unsurprised to see @rachelandrew has a few tips for what to write about.

The Complete List of Evergreen Content Ideas for Your Blog

And from the buffer blog, @kevanlee talks about focussing on ‘evergreen’ content, that will drive traffic for years.

How You Can Create Content That Generates 40,000 Targeted Visitors

This is a bit of an epic, so buckle up.

A terrific ‘how to’ from @backlinko on @noahkagan’s blog on building up content that generates serious traffic, some ideas I wouldn’t have even thought of, and some tactics I don’t know whether I like. But so worth a read.

Get traffic for your content

Once you’ve written that content, how do you get people to read it? @mijackson has some ideas.

How I Grew My Blog Traffic By 300%

Regular writing is one of the key things that helped @adii grow his readership, but there are several other forces at play too.

The Greatest Misconception in Content Marketing

Finally @randfish makes it clear that it’s not just as easy as 1) Write, 2) Share, 3) Profit.



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