Technically-inclined bootstrappers are terrible at pricing, certainly it’s a weakness I often struggle to deal with. Here we collect some great advice on pricing from entrepreneurs who’ve been through it.

Camel & Rubber Duckies

A true classic article on pricing from @spolsky. READ THIS

Four Pricing Principles to Never Forget

Intercom’s blog is full of useful advice for both the bootstrapper and VC-startup. Here @destraynor lays down some practical advice for thinking about your pricing.

SaaS builders: Beware the Free Trial

Owner of podcast-based SaaS, @derickbailey made a free trial mistake, here he hopes you won’t make the same mistakes.

Freemium vs. Free: Why We Ditched Our Free Plan

@liamgooding from discusses the move from a free plan to a free trial.

SaaS Pricing

The first headline in this typically epic @patio11 article is ‘Most SaaS Starts Out Underpriced’ and gets better from there.

How To Propose Annual Contracts To Your SaaS Customers (Phone Scripts And Email Templates) are a sales SaaS platform. Here, @steli shares some actual scripts you can use to move your users onto annual plans. Super useful given the cashflow benefits of that arrangement, should you have sufficient revenue to bother.



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