I’ve done a fair bit of design in my past, so I’m very much of the opinion that design works. I am however a man who believes design is how it works, not how it looks (as a smart man once put it).

Unusually there’s a few articles sourced from venture captial-ish sites this week, but I guess in a subject as fundemental as design it’s just as important to VC-funded startups.

Where Do You Suck? Where Does It Matter?

The Intercom blog is a great source of product and design advice. Here @destraynor helps think through prioritization of your features.

Busting the small startups can’t a/b test myth

While it’s tricky to A/B test when you’re just starting out and have very little traffic, but you can start earlier than you think. Just ask @kylerush of Optimizely.

Simple Design is What You Need, Not What you Want

Using a profile of Oscar Health, a heathcare startup, to structure four principles about design. This piece by Eddie Segel covers the drive to simplicity in their quest to fix insurance.

Dealing with Edge Cases in Product Design

A quick reminder from @nelsonjoyce about striving for true simplicity, even for complex problems, in your designs.

Paper prototyping is a waste of time

Something I completely agree with from @jakek I’m a big fan of using bootstrap or similar when I’m in a prototyping mood.



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