I’m a great believer in using the ‘humans behind the company’ when you talk to customers. It’s one of the reasons I like small companies not hiding their smallness.

As a customer, one of the greatest things that can happen is getting an email from ‘someone important’ at a company in response to a support request. When you get a reply from the founder of a company, you feel important and know you’re being heard.

One of my rules: if you email me, I’ll email back. It might take me a bit, but I will!

Startup Customer Service: the Surprise Factor

Here @raywu distills something that I’ve found true in previous ventures. There is no short cut to adding a personal touch to your company, but it’s a competitive advantage you can make the most of.

Four Million to One

Trello is like a white board with Post Its, for the web. It has four millions customers. One guy supports them all, @briancervino lays out the ‘how the hell does he do that’.

When to Teach and When to Fish: 3 Times To Skip the How-Tos in Customer Support

Here’s a great ‘duh’ moment from @carokopp at Buffer.

When to stop trying to teach customers and simply delight then by sending an email that just says, “All set!”

How to provide Technical Support

In this article for Smashing Magazine, @rachelandrew gives a thourough run down of how she went about providing support for Perch. I could be wrong but I’m sure this chapter went on to be an entire chapter of her book.

Do not Reply

As you’d expect of the blog of an email support tool, the Snappy blog is full of useful advice. Here @alyssamazzina talks about no_reply@thisstupidcompany.com email addresses.

Snappy also provide a free PDF named Customer Support for Bootstrappers which provides a good starting point to think about running your own support efforts.

How to Respond to Discount Inquiries

Turns out, according to @steli, it is more complicated than saying “er, no”!



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