One of the things I found hardest as a founder of an early stage VC-funded startup was dealing with money. Not the mechanics, the morals and politics.

I didn’t like spending “other people’s” money. I felt bad when experiments failed. And we, at least, had a business model where people gave us money for things. We weren’t chasing eyeballs like idiots.

That’s one of the reasons I’m all in on bootstrapping/consulting for any of my own future business escapades.

Mojito Island & Entreporn Revisited

@amyhoy is always entertaining and here she dissects the ‘emotionally manipulative fantasy narratives of success’ that pepper the VC-funded world.


The Cost of VC Money: Loss of Control

Here @alyssamazzina quizzes @ianlandsman about VC-funding. He’s pretty adamant.

When an investor writes you a check, you’re selling ownership of your company. Period.

There’s also great links to other articles in here.

The Problem with Profitless Startups

An article from New York magazine, by @kevinroose, discussing the fallout for all of us from companies that may cease to exist because they don’t have a business model.

When you bootstrap, it kinda makes the ‘having a way to make money’ part of business, a bit more of a focus.

Five Reasons Not To Raise Venture Capital

From @rachelchalmers, a VC with the wisdom to know that the VC-startup isn’t for everyone.

What they (VCs) are doing is optimizing for a very specific outcome. Share that alignment, or don’t take their money.

Heads up, chances are you probably don’t share their alignment.

The Problem With Investors

It’s important that you don’t get ‘one foot caught in the endless hamster wheel from hell’ as @xecretcode points out.

RubyMotion Raises Millions…

Finally some lovely snark from @lrz who built a sustainable business serving developers looking to build native iOS (and now Android) apps but using a language and environment they love.



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