This week we look at multiple sources of finance for bootstrapping a business.

We start with a couple of articles where companies spent (quite a bit of) money, as a result of previous success. Then we continue with some stories of self-funding, Kickstarter and pre-charging.

Lots of real numbers this week. Some of them quite large.

How we built for $317,000

A great article from @ianlandsman laying out the costs for the launch of a new hosted customer support system (Snappy) to run alongside their installable one (HelpSpot).

Bear in mind his company had the income (and employees) from HelpSpot to fund the development of Snappy.

What I Did When I Couldn’t Find a Technical Co-Founder

Here @alexmturnbull details the money spent and challenges of working with an agency when he didn’t have a technical co-founder, it was quite a bit.

We’re Not Louis CK

Firstly. Go buy Indie Game: The Movie and watch it as a great story of small groups of people putting together amazing works of art (video games!) and trying to stay solvent.

The movie itself was crowd-funded and this post, from @indiegamemovie, is the last in a retrospective, here discussing the issue of notoriety.

How To Charge Money For Things That Don’t Exist Yet

A great example pitch, from @steli, you can use when talking to prospective clients.

The Economics of a Kickstarter Project

@cameronmoll details his Kickstarter campaign. A well respected designer, he breaks down the finances of his letterpress printed Brooklyn Bridge.

Seems to have worked out well for him. Broke even on the project and now has lots of stock to sell for pure profit. Just how a Kickstarter is supposed to work.



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