A little shove this week.

Not all of us can simple quit tomorrow. You might have mortgages, children & a potentially interesting chat with your other half to worry about. That’s no reason not to get moving with your side project though.

Carve out some time, build something small, concentrate on building your skills. Change your work environment to give you more time.

Do something.

Sidestepping Gatekeepers

It’s important to remember… you do not need permission and you don’t have to wait for your turn. @brennandunn describes the dangerous ‘gatekeeper mentality’.

Startup Escape Plan: How to free up time, energy & money to build your future

@amyhoy points out that you need to start thinking with an ‘investment’ mindset. At the end of each week, how much closer are you to your goals.

Prepare for the long haul.

Quit Your Job!

I had a great manager in my first job, who’s attitude was to look at their ‘work happiness’ every six months and if they were unhappy for two ‘reviews’ in a row… they’d resign.

Here Sarah from Basecamp reminds us that ‘life is too short not to love what you do, and it’s much, much too short to wait around until someone hands you a billion dollars’.


A good first step to a business based on ‘products’ is to free up some time by increasing the amount of money you earn for your time. A good way to do that is to become a consultant or ‘go freelance’. Consultant sounds better though. :-)

It frees time between engagements, although less than you’d think! It also generally means you can charge more for your time than in a regular job.

As @mattgemmell lays out though, the professionalism required is a different set of skills all together.

Freelance as a Service

A great way to sell your ‘time based’ skills as a freelancer is to package them up into a product.

@letsworkshop demonstraes some great examples of people producing a product from skills that you might normally think were ‘by the hour’.

Some terrific food for thought.



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