The big day: launch. We talk about how to prep, what not to do and what to do after.

Off topic: Hi! I’m back! It was hard to get back on the ‘horse’ this week, after the break for Brighton Ruby. Lesson learned, momentum is everything.

Want to Build and Launch Your First Product – Here’s What Not to Do

If I could condense great chunks of my advice for anyone working on something new, this article from @StartupClarity would be it.

How to Land Your First Customers When You’re Unknown

Three terrific and insightful case studies from @casjam on launching your product into markets when you don’t already have an audience.

PS Get an audience. But mostly get a plan.

Three reasons product launches fail

Audience, excitement, urgency. A lack of any of these three can make your big launch go with a fizzle.

Despite his successful ebooks, @nathanbarry has indulged in the odd disaster and he’s not too proud to share.

Hacker News, Techcrunch and Product Hunt: which is most effective to launch your product?

@frontapp launched their product across three known ‘sources’ of early users. If you count ‘source’ to mean place where I imagine all my users are but probably aren’t. I kid. Mostly.

They compare the incoming traffic and conversion from each. An interesting exercise, but bear in mind you might want to launch to a less random and judgemental audience!

Life After Launch Day

A simple roadmap to spark your thinking for what to do after your product is out in the wild from @bernadettejiwa.



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