For those of you interested in last week’s iOS indie here’s a brief followup from the guy who kicked it all off. Five Hard Lessons Learned from Unread. It’s definitely worth a read for anyone thinking of launching any kind of product.

Changing tack completely, this week we’re talking about eBooks again.

My sporadic efforts to complete one of my own books tell me that it’s tough to get it out there. There’s plenty of evidence that if you build an audience correctly, an ebook is a great first product.

My adventure in “pay what you want”

A fellow author in the Five Simple Steps stable @vlh shares her experience in the ‘In Rainbows’ model of pricing when the rights for her book suddenly reverted to her.

The complete guide to making a full-time salary from one book

Once again @nathanbarry goes long and deep on a topic. This time continued promotion for ebooks.

Useful ideas given all the stories show that eBooks tend to be a ‘massive first week’ and then rapidly tail off.

Creating eBooks

When the publisher of HTML Email shut down earlier this year (now subsequently reopened at @fivesimplesteps) they released a great technical resource sharing the mechanics how they put together their ebooks.

How Samuel Hulick made over $37,000 with his self-published book

@SamuelHulick transformed the lessons in the case studies on his site into a an ebook. And the audience he’d built led him to a significantly successful launch.

$16,920.12 earned, 1054 copies sold: Lessons learned from a year as a self-published author

A post on the blog of the popular (as far as I can tell) @leanpub blog. Here @josh_earl goes into incredible detail (including financials) on his self-published book.



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