Far from being an ego thing… building a blog or collection of well-written, focussed, useful, content is one of the best ways to continue to reliably grow your organic traffic over time.

Content Marketing That Runs Without You

First up from @casjam is the entire system he has used to automate himself out of the content creation process.

This is a terrific, in depth, exploration of using temporary writing resource and take the pressure off you as a solo founder. The video course that Brian has created is full of gems.

Easy Traffic By Showing Love

A good way of building a name for yourself is to write on the blogs of other companies. @allanbranch recommends a couple of potential writing venues!

The ROI of Blogging

@alexmturnbull goes through the actual returns that they’ve seen from their blogging. A highlight: 10% of their subscribers sign up for a trial and they convert better to paid users.

Make Your Writing Work For You

Another terrific long form guide from the bootstrapping front lines of @patio11.

This time, everything you need to know about content marketing. In short, less blog: more evergreen content.

Perhaps a lesson I could learn for bootstrapping.io?



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