This week, we return to ‘why’. In this case why even choose the ‘harder’ route of trying to launch with no money.

In my case, the short version is: I’ve done it and I don’t like the ‘decision distortion’ that comes with the bank transfer of a VC’s money.

To that end I have another project bubbling under… if you have a bootstrapped business, or have a favorite one that you use, let me know for early access to what I’m doing.

The Internet of Small Businesses

A great piece from @cbeams on the ‘anomaly’ of (a great service of which I’m a customer).

Are You Building an App or a Business?

My fellow Brighton resident, @dancounsell, compares the approach of VC-funded makers and those trying the bootstrapped route.

What Do You Want?

@adii goes a level deeper than ‘why bootstrap over VC’ to simply ‘why’.

For me the appeal of bootstrapping something is the freedom and the self-direction, I’m guessing from Adii’s article, that’s what he’s after too. Life is a balance, it’s good to pay attention to what you’re doing.

Jack Mallers: from dropout to Starter.

You have to be doing something right for @jasonfried to want you to feature on SvN. Here’s the story of a hungry kid who’s been through the Chicago-based ‘Startup School’ that Basecamp are involved with.

Let’s, Like Demolish Laundry

A long-form piece from @jpressler in New York Magazine that should serve as a warning to avoid the various thought traps that having a ‘disruptive’ idea and VC funding can lead you into.

None of the companies featured in the story have any kind of solid foundation in what they are doing… all I took away from the article was various founding teams thrashing about as they burned other people’s money.



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