This week we’re going to explore the stories of people who have made it through the first couple of hurdles of bootstrapping and actually shipped something.

A lot of these stories you could easily dismiss as ‘great for that guy/girl’ but the thing to learn is how they used their individual skill sets in creating their ventures and the takeaways you can glen from their success.

1 Year as a Digital Nomad - How to Build a Business by the Beach

A friend of mine, @yongfook (incredibly smart guy), details how he took his bootstrapped business from a couple of interviews, to a five figure USD monthly turnover.

He also did it from the beaches of South East Asia. Like I said, smart guy.

How running a SaaS startup differs from what I expected

@jaanakulmala talks through her initial experiences after running her (at this point) 28 paying customer SaaS application. Lots of hard learned lessons in here.

5 things I’ve learned in 5 years of running a SaaS

Superb list from @thomasfuchs full to the brim with pragmatic advice from someone who has really walked the bootstrapper-walk.

How I build my minimum viable products

A interesting post on the technical approach @levelsio takes to launching his fast products.

As a developer it’s interesting to see the proven technical stack he’s using… turns out your technology isn’t your key differentiator.

3 Lessons in Building a Remote Startup to $11,500 in MRR

There’s some good thinking on pricing here.

@dnevogt casts an envying eye over SaaS businesses with higher monthly pricing than he is able to acheive.



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