Last week’s series of ‘what happened after’ stories provoked some strong feelings and interesting thoughts in emails back to me.

So this week I’m doing a little follow up before giving you a shove, well Amy Hoy is…

Diary of a Corporate Sellout

After linking to @waxpancake’s Kickstarter for the resurrection of Upcoming he pinged me to direct me at this post where he goes through the whole (slightly sad) tale of his acquisition by Yahoo!.

An Acquisition is Always a Failure

Andy also pointed me in the direction of another ‘why did I do that’ story from @jakelodwick of College Humor’s sale to IAC.

Reading Entrepreneur Porn is F*cking Your Life Up

Hopefully the stuff in this regular missive is in @yongfook’s list of ‘real entrepreneurship advice’ articles’ not his peddlers of entre-smut.

Don’t Fave This Post

A right proper ‘slap in the face’ of a post from purveyor of ‘advice you should really bloody listen to’ @amyhoy.

I’d say this is as close to a full manifesto as I’ve ever read from Amy. It’s long, but every word should stop you faffing about.

  1. Find your “Fuck This” moment.
  2. Fix your mental model of success.
  3. Learn how to start — and keep going.
  4. Start Small.

Make Some Stuff

You might also want to consider @mijustin’s advice and start using some of those domain names you’re sitting on.

Shipping anything is a good habit ;-)



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