The number of times, as a developer, I’ve been pitched world changing “ideas”… ‘me too’ social networks, an app for this or that first world problem.

If only we can get 1% of Facebook’s market, they say. Turns out this misguided belief in giant success is the complete opposite for those of us looking to start their own profitable endeavours.

Before you start, think about what you’re doing. Really think.

What is a Good Product Idea?

A great, and typically long (!) and detailed post from @startupclarity with extremely well thought through criteria for finding business ideas.

Ideas are just a multiplier of execution

A classic piece of thinking from @sivers.

I do sign NDAs but it’s a massive negative sign if it’s only there to protect an idea!

Why? Who Cares? So What?

In sad news this week Kathy Sierra (a bloody amazing writer and speaker on User Experience - wikipedia link) has been threatened and is gone again from the Internet.

Here I’m highlighting a comment on a Basecamp blog post… this framework is a great tool to properly examining your thought process. There was a fab diagram I saw on Twitter a week or so ago… but sadly it has gone along with her twitter account.

B2C, are you sure?

A terrific piece, from @bealers opining on whether try to sell software to consumers is a good idea.

It’s probably not, unless you’re building something to ‘sharpen your tools’.



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