One of the great challenges of any business is dealing with customers. They can easily be angry or confused by your product. And as we know, people on the Internet get angry.

Here’s a collection of how-tos and philosophies on dealing with customers.

The philosophy of great customer service

One of the best things @sivers did when building CD Baby into a tremendously success bootstrapped company was to treat all of his customers like people. And imagine how they themselves would like to be treated.

How to do customer service like a human being

Since he started Karma, @daveofthefuture made himself the main point of contact for all his customers. Here are six things that he learned in the two years he’s been helping his customers out.

My Best Email Support Tricks and Tips

You’d expect the Snappy blog to be full of good support advice. Here @chaseclemons of Basecamp lays out some useful techniques from his experience

In other news you can also sign up for a single user account on Snappy for free, well worth it as I understand.

The person on the other side of the screen

A great reminder from @mijustin that… just like Soylent Green… the Internet is made of people.

4 Free Email Scripts to Handle Your Toughest Customer Service Challenges

GrooveHQ is another SaaS Customer Service tool… here @lenmarkidan gives specific templates on dealing with some of the toughest customer emails you’ll receive.

Amazon Customer Service by Thor

From sources unknown, a friend emailed this to me. I believe it’s done the ‘rounds’ on Twitter, but a reminder that even giant Internet behemoths are formed of people.

And people are funny.



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