So as a bootstrapper you don’t have the tools (oodles of VC money) or the option to undercut (make all the things free!) that a funded startup or large incumbent might have.

But what do you have?

How Bootstrappers Can Compete Against Funded Startups And Get Customers

Some great tactical advice from @allanbranch of LessEverything the self proclaimed ‘cockroaches of the accounting software industry’.

What to do when your once potential competitor becomes a real competitor

A link to Hacker News WARNING, WARNING.

However, the top comment to the question is written by @patio11. It’s hard to choose one quotable sentence over another!

Just. Great. Advice.

How Our Startup Hires Top Talent Without Bidding Against Google

Another missive from the prolific @alexmturnbull. This time on hiring as a small company, when the people that you want could also work for super-global-mega-corps.

The Rip-offs & Making Our Original Game

And now a sadder story, from @ashervo of the rip offs that followed the publication of his (fabulous) iOS game, Threes.

Go and download it and marvel at its gorgeousness of sound, animation and one-more-go-ability. It’s $2, buy an indie developer a third of a coffee.



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