I’m a designer & developer, I have a smidgen of business sense. I’ve been through unsuccessful companies that built stuff not enough people wanted.

So why is my first instinct to fire up my code editor and start making things in a dark room?

Don’t do what I do, like an idiot. Listen to these fine thinkers.

SaaS Product Validation Techniques

“Almost every product owner thinks they have a validated product, otherwise they wouldn’t invest so much energy into building it. However, if they were all correct, the failure rate of entrepreneurship would be much lower.”

Truth from @ryanbattles.

How To Validate Your Business Idea By Testing A Hypothesis!

A great walkthrough of techniques to work out if you’re building something useful from Stuttgart’s @hatchery_io.

A 10-Second Method to Test the Vitality of Your Startup Idea

@IlanMochari has a much simpler framework derived from @janetkraus (also parent of twins!) for initial idea validation.

Oxygen. Asprin. Jewelry.

How to Find Profitable Product Ideas

Ideas are great. If you’re planning to feed your family, one’s that make money are better.

This followup to a previously featured article by @startupclarity should be required reading to get you to really look at what you’re thinking of trying to build.

Having Something To Sell

During the development of his latest product @casjam kept coming across the same problem: “I don’t have something to sell.”

He lays out some steps to get you from ‘selling your time’ to ‘selling something’.



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