An area of your marketing that can give a great longer term boost to finding customers, and find them economically, is to utilize the ‘natural power of the google’. That’s what I understand it’s called by those in the know.

In all seriousness, SEO is something that’s often overlooked or dismissed by smaller companies, but as a bootstrapper, potentially with a business aimed at a specific niche audience, it can be a powerful tool.

The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

A comprehensive guide put together by @moz. Substantial: perhaps one to bookmark and read at leisure.

Strategic SEO for Startups

There’s so much gold for bootstrapping types in the archives of @patio11. In this case a treatise on SEO and its use in startups.

How We Got Over Our Fear of SEO and Improved Conversions 20% in the Process

A success story from @alexmturnbull demonstrating the classic distrust of SEO followed by actually doing some then some valuable, measurable success.

How to perform an SEO health check on your website

A great episode of a terrific bootstrapping podcast by @singlefounder and @robwalling.

Given they also ensure there’s a transcript of their episodes this is a great read, if listening isn’t your cup of tea.

Quick SEO Wins for Startups with “One Page, One Term”

“For many startups, SEO is viewed in the same vein as Tarot cards and rain dancing.”

Good opener from @gregoryciotti before he details the useful SEO technique of the “one page, one term” methodology they use at HelpScout.



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