We’ve covered landing pages a bit before but there’s so much good content (and they are so important) there’s no harm in covering them again!

Marketing Site Design for Startups

An epic on marketing pages from @ryanbattles. Once you get past the slightly aggressive ‘give me your email’ popups (two!) theres a bunch of great thinking and wisdom in here.

Conversion Optimization in Practice: Baconbiz 2013 Presentation

A great video (and transcript) from 2013’s BaconBizConf where @patio11 takes apart @amyhoy’s landing page for Freckle, and puts it back together live on stage.


10 Ways to Build Trust on Your Landing Page

A list post, but a good (succinct) one. @julerr provides a great checklist to help you ensure you’re not making any glaring mistakes.

Also her Twitter background is Purple Tentacle, so she rocks.

Creating a promo video for your product

A solid component to a landing page can be a quick video to demonstrate your product in action. @nathanbarry goes through the detailed appraoch he took to create one for his product ConvertKit.



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