Now I know that, bootstrapped hero, Basecamp (nee 37signals) famously doesn’t really do any tracking of customer aquisition. But you should. You really should. Flying blind is not the best approach.

There’s loads of stuff out there, so there’ll be more next week. Here we’ll discuss tracking customer aquisition. Next week, keeping those customers you’ve worked so hard to get.

A Beginners Introduction To Metrics & Analytics For Data-Driven Growth

A great primer for all the articles that follow.

@liamgooding talks through a general approach to metrics and making sure what you’re tracking leads to useful, important and actionable insight… and not just stroking your ego.

Easy, but easy to f*ck up. 3 Rules to Setup Analytics Tools correctly

As a consultant for analytics @andreasklinger sees lots of poorly implemented integrations of analytics tools.

Here’s how to avoid that mistake.

UTM Tagging Best Practices

Setting up manual UTM tagging for your URLs is a serious up-front effort but the long term benefits are well worth it. @gideon_b explains the basics of those curious looking parameters you get on web links in ads.

How Segment Tracks Data with Segment

One tool I personally recommend to all startups/bootstrappers without a robust analytics platform is Segment: a one-stop clearing house for tracking user behaviour that plugs into (basically) all other analytics platforms. Making sure you have the smae data in all your tools and vastly simplifying in implementation of analytics on your site.

Here @DirtyAnalytics lays out the customer aquistion metrics Segment track for their own ‘customer aquistion funnel’.

How to find and track Customer Acquisition channels

This post by @alice_default is for when you’re a little further along and experimenting with different channels for getting customers.



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