Knowing what your customers are doing once they are your customers is as important as improving how you get them.

Here’s some great takes on analyzing the actions of customers once you have them.

The simplest and most important dashboard for early stage startups

The one “dashboard” @andreasklinger recommends to almost all early stage startups is one they already have.

It’s easy to start using it.

6 A/B Tests That Did Absolutely Nothing for Us

I often link to @alexmturnbull on the GrooveHQ blog as he regales us with hard fought tales of successes.

Here though he discusses some changes to their site that went badly. AB testing is your friend as you change things about your product. And a defensive reaction to to a failure is as useful as a positive outcome.

Taming Metrics

In this incredibly detailed piece, @casjam walks through the entire manual metrics process he was using in April this year.

When he got serious about growing his business, first he needed to measure.

The laws of shitty dashboards

A article from @paulcothenet packed with fairly incendiary hyperbole.

However he certainly has a point that many dashboards are boring, poorly designed and devoid of any usefulness whatsoever. Make sure you don’t replicate the mistakes he highlights.



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