If you don’t worry about your first five customers, you’ll never have to worry about how to ‘scale growth’.

The skills you need for that are entirely different to the referrals, upselling & advertising that serve a more establish business.

How We Got Our First 100 Customers

At the wonderfully bootstrapped (until recently) Baremetrics they found that Twitter (!) was their major medium for growth.

As @shpigford points out there were some mitigating circumstances.

How We Got 2,000+ Customers by Doing Things That Didn’t Scale

@alexmturnbull is a great believer in Paul Graham’s attitude that doing things that don’t scale is a great way to get your first customers.

What’s your conversion rate from trial to paid?

As @alphacolin says “customer.io has improved from a bad conversion rate to a slightly less bad conversion rate”.

He talks through the various factors they’ve considered. Remember: everything you do affects your free-to-paid conversion.

5 Distribution Experiments You Can Do For $10 Or Less

Founder of SimpleDesk, @MatthewBerman, talks through the experimentation you’ll need to do to get customers.

Most companies starting out don’t have someone to work on distribution and could very well be wasting money, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about it.

How user growth really works

An insight into ‘piggybacking’ from @mijustin, a really powerful technique in the right business.



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