I have taken a short break due to some RSI in my hands. I’m also thinking this is going to be a once a fortnight newsletter. But it is back on the horse time!

Here, massively late, are some interesting looks at 2014 from various bootstrapped companies. Including a couple you might not have read. I’ve tried to reach out beyond the bootstrapping echo chamber to find good examples of functional ‘making stuff and selling it online’ companies.

Bootstrappers 2014: Year in Review

A summary collection of individual reviews from many bootstrappers who I’ve covered in these very pages.

Particularly of note is the open books of @patio11 in his year in review, where he opens up the previously closed books of Appointment Reminder (his main product). I think I’d imagined he was making more than he is, but he’s still making a good living, more than many of us have achieved… and his level of detail (and thought) is super useful.

Hundreds & Thousands

As a customer of Tito and @paulca I’ve watched their growth with my happy face on. I even implored him face-to-face to continue to resist the lure of VC-money at the (tempting) stage his fantastic project is at.

Offscreen 2014 in Review

Offscreen is an amazing project, a true independent physical magazine with one guy at the heart of it: @kaibrach.

The 2014 Panic Report

@Panic are an enviable company. They’ve been writing Mac software and profitable for over 20 years. And they seem to have fun.

Monument Valley in Numbers

Monument Valley is a fantastic IOS and android game from @ustwogames, its not scammy, there are no gems to buy, and frankly, it’s a masterpiece. Never forget that the iOS App Store for games is a ‘hits’ business.

Overcast’s 2014 sales numbers

Overcast is an interesting example of a one man show. @marcoarment has it significant following in the podcast world. But the ongoing success of his iOS app cannot purely be down to a big sales spike on release.

He seems to be in the position to run overcast as a ongoing concern, due to his low costs, and his numbers allowed @Metakite to further extrapolate the shape of the App Store. It’s possible to run a sustainable business, if you’re careful.



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