It’s tough to make a living from SaaS. Many people on this list have that as their goal. I certainly do.

It’s much harder than it looks.

One of the key problems I have with the ‘start with small products’ approach to bootstrapping is that often it doesn’t lead to the SaaS application we’re all hoping for. Perhaps it’s time to recalibrate. Are you truly building something that people want?

Growing ConvertKit to $5,020 in Monthly Recurring Revenue

Nathan is well known in the bootstrapping community for his excellent and successful ebooks. However here we see the trials and tribulations, and more recent improvements in the revenue of his SaaS app.

The Road to SaaS Revenue is Painfully Slow. Are You Prepared for It?

Lots of good advice for the long (and it is long) ramp to a SaaS project bringing in enough revenue to support you.

Unicorns vs. Horses

A much more positive take on the bootstrapping approach from Andrew Wilkinson.

How We Launched Our SaaS in 1 Week

An interesting and detailed look, from Keith Perhac, at lauching an app in a very short period of time. ‘One week’ isn’t necessarily true.

Good methodology in here: use familiar tools, build small, ship early.



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