Content Marketing drives passive (and active) sales and builds an audience.

If you’re anything like me, writing doesn’t come naturally and it’s easy to fall off the horse. As evidenced by the drop off in emails (sorry about that).

There’s a mixture of tactics, process and wider thinking in this week’s selection.

Use Analytics to Find Blog Post Ideas

Analytics are a tremendous source of information for your business. Here Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media goes through a process to use your tracking to drive the next things that you write.

10 Ways We Come Up With 15+ Blog Post Ideas Each Week

A tactical post from Alex Turnbull at Groove displaying their epic Trello board and how they capture ideas for what to share next from their SaaS growth.

How to Brainstorm and Write an Epic Blog Post in 4 Simple Steps

The guys at Buffer are well known for their content marketing. In this epic post Bryan Harris explains the detailed process to producing an epic, but more importantly evergreen, piece of content.

###8 tips for writing like you mean it

Because it’s not just about what you say it’s about how you say it. John Collins explains the various style choices that Intercom have made on their very well-written blog.



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